The Building Blocks of Resiliency: Take a Joy Break



One of the Building Blocks of Resiliency is learning to Take a Joy Break. I know you may be thinking ” Joy Break”, what is she talking about? Joy Break? My life is a mess and she is talking about a Joy Break? Here is why and how it works. We are building Resiliency, which is a combination of elements such as,strength, determination and courage to get through adversity and difficult times! Just like any other break or pause, a Joy Break, gives us a break from the challenge we are facing, it lets our minds rest, our hearts sing and our bodies take a break even if for just a few seconds or minutes. I remember talking to a great friend of mine, who was recently widowed after the love of her life had died, she described grief as carrying around a 50 lb bag of sand every where you go. A Joy Break lets you put down the heavy weight.


When our son was dying of brain cancer, which was so painful it was surreal, we visited each day at the hospital, watching the disease take over more and more of our boy each day.  After each visit, we would take Ruffus for a walk in the park, often we were crying and talking and miserable, but every time we looked at Ruffus, doing some cute dog thing or other we would smile, sometimes we would even laugh. Taking him for a walk was not only good for him, but I believe enormously good for us. It kept us from sinking into levels of grief that approached despair.

From this experience, I learned the importance of taking Joy Breaks every day. I literally sat down and asked myself, what brings you Joy? I wrote down what came up quickly, so I wouldn’t over think it! In my day timer. I have my to do list, my Take Care of Self list, and my Joy List, along side and just as important as the rest of my to do list.  My list of Joy Breaks contains pretty simple things. Walking my dog, dancing for a few minutes, talking to my daughters, looking at something beautiful, holding my kitty cats, each things I can do in a matter of seconds. Each of them brings me joy, each them eases the load, each of them brings precious moments. What is on your Joy List? I would love to hear from you.


My New Painting by Artist Samantha Chilvers

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