The Building Blocks Of Resiliency : The Value of The Rabbit Hole

Building Resiliency is about being able to navigate through Life with greater ease, to ride the sea of challenges, big or small and return as quickly and easily as possible to a place of joy, beauty, calm and love, in other words, your life! How then does the proverbial Rabbit Hole  fit into Building Resiliency, you might be wondering? Let me explain, the place and value of sometimes ” choosing the rabbit hole”.

Sometimes, too much comes at us at once. Too tired, too much stress, too many things to juggle, too much negativity, all in all just too much. It piles up, faster than we can deal with it or process it. Do you know what I mean? When it happens to me, I keep moving, keep trying but nothing works. It feels like I am running and not moving. Or like spinning wheels in the snow. And you know what?Sometimes it is all too much. It is at those times, that I choose to go down the Rabbit Hole. What does that mean? For me it means, I choose to stop trying, I choose to take a break from whatever “it” is. I choose to let the chaos, hurt frustration be left alone. I just leave it all. It is kind of like turning off a switch. I go do something even if it is nothing! In fact for me it is often nothing, and usually it is nothing big. Not like running off to Hawaii, or a big shopping spree or anything like that. It is simply a choice to not continue on the stress path. It feels like driving down the road, and doing a K turn and stopping. It is also NOT throwing in the towel and giving up, it is hitting the pause button.

And do you know what? By allowing myself to choose the Rabbit Hole for a short time, the most amazing thing happens!!!! I wake up with clarity, with energy, with peace and calmness and answers available to me that were totally elusive the day before! It is as if the chaos settles during the time out. Clarity and calm replace overwhelm and I am actually able to return  a joyful state of being and to solving the matters at hand. It is really quite remarkable!

Next time that feeling comes to you, of “it’s all too much”, consider choosing to “hit pause”, to visit the Rabbit Hole. It just could be the best way to refresh. I ‘d love to hear how it works for you!

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