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Musician with dog on the beach!

Colin Williams with Ruffus

My friend Colin Williams has shown such patience, resiliency determination and persistence,  after losing his hearing, he is a true inspiration. This lifelong musician, lover of playing his guitar, singing strumming his ukelele along with his loving wife Jackie, lost his hearing and could no longer play his music, or even carry on conversations. I watched helplessly as our friends became more and more isolated in the silence.

When I asked Colin to talk to me about how he managed to be so Resilient, he answered with surprise, ” Me Resilient, why would you say that?” This talking was done using his phone, that wrote what we were saying, because he couldn’t hear me. Well, my friend, because you have persevered, been patient, determined all the qualities of Resiliency, you are a 100% perfect example of it! In the end, I decided along with his wife Jackie Williams and step daughter Catriona Blackburn to tell his story!

For me along with the patience, determination and never giving up, the amazing thing to watch and witness in Colin was, the way he converted his artistic energies and talent from music, to water color paintings. These paintings are beautifully done, with a keen eye for detail, an ability to capture the essence of the objects, and an expression of the Colin sees the world.

Colin may have lost his hearing and ability to play beautiful music, but he converted that loss to stunning paintings and showing us all how to be Resilient in the fave of great adversity.

My stepdad has been painting after losing his hearing and ability to make music…

Colin, my stepdad, has been a musician all his life but lost his hearing almost completely. My parents lived in Dominican republic and came back to England to get healthcare. He is currently recovering from surgery and might be able to play his guitar again! Please show your appreciation for his amazing paintings of Ravenglass – Cumbria UK. FP edit; My mum Jackie, and Col my stepdad, documented their adventures in blog and book form – Here is one of my favourite songs by Colin – Send me classic motorbikes and dogs 🙂


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