life is amazing

Life is amazing. Then it is awful. And then it’s amazing again, these words by L.R. Knost describe my life perfectly, over the last 18 months, and maybe more! Let me tell you the story of the last 18 months and the birth of All About Resiliency.

On August 1, 2016 my father died. I did not understand before his death, how sad it would be for me, how much I would grieve for him, how much the little girl inside this grown woman would miss her “Daddy”. Neither did I understand how much, it would come to mean to me to support and love my Mother through this terrible loss of her mate of 60 years. It all seemed quite surreal, in the church at his service, I knew it was for my Dad, but it all seemed impossible because, my Dad wasn’t supposed to die.

The next few weeks I spent somewhat in a blur, of grief, sadness, processing and daily long chats with my Mum. The blur and ache were starting to lift, the awful was starting to fade, can’t really say back to AMAZING, but on it’s way.

Early in the evening, on October 5, 2016, two months after my Dad died, my husband, who was driving 65 miles per hour turned to me, said” I don’t feel well” and fainted in my arms. The car swerved down the highway, I was positive we were going to die, the car turned completely over land back on it’s wheels and stopped just before hitting a cement bridge. It was a miracle. My husband had a broken neck, my physical injuries paled in comparison to the nightmare of the trauma, but the gratitude at being alive carried us over the next months of recovery, rehabilitation and finding a way back out of awful to amazing.

Just as the pain was receding from my husband’s neck, and the trauma and fear was starting to recede from the accident, we received THE call, our son Robin, who had been living with a deadly form of brain cancer, was deteriorating rapidly, so we were called to his bedside, unable to walk or talk, we stayed with him as finally the brain cancer has it’s way and took him from us.

It was at this point, that my BFF and Coach suggested that my story needs to be told, not so much of the hard things that have come my way, but of the intention to go from AWFUL, to AMAZING.

It is my heartfelt desire that these words bring comfort, hope and help to others.

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