Life Coaching and Resiliency

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”  Nelson Mandela

During the first days and weeks after our car accident, I was feeling overwhelmed! I was in pain, terrified, traumatized, my husband had a broken neck, and countless medical appointments and I was so afraid! I couldn’t see how this would get better or how I would make it. I knew one thing, I could call my Life Coach, and I knew she would help! I felt better the second I called her, she listened, she soothed, together we developed a plan for me, she in fact helped me bring my “A” game to the journey from my life being literally turned upside down by the car accident, to life being amazing.

My clients come to me, with lives also turned upside down, by any number of circumstances that life can come  our way, domestic violence, divorce, disappointments, financial hardships, job loss, illness, loss of loved one and so on. The stories may be different, but all have in common a deep sense of loss and overwhelm, coaching helps to find courage, to triumph to be resilient.

It is an honour and a privilege to be trusted with my clients stories, I work with each one to support, soothe, and help them find ways to master the fear, to bounce back and forward from whatever has come their way!

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